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Business Hosting Features

Are you frustrated with slow page loads,  downtime, and lack of support?

Managing Hosting With CPanel Easily

Each Business Hosting account is configured through the user-friendly cPanel Control Panel.

Email Service

Price includes your web hosting for an unlimited number of email accounts using the webmail interface. Stop spam in the year with spam reports.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates come standard with all hosting plans, at no extra cost. This comes as a welcome convenience to you, since you will no longer need to bother installing it for your site.

Hyper Speed Web Server

Business Turbo Hosting uses a hyper speed web server to offer 2x times to 5x times faster page load performance than Apache and NGINX, with 5x times more bandwidth at the same time. As a result of a faster, more navigable website, you will get a bounce (increase in traffic) rates that increase.

One Click Solution

It’s now very easy for you to change elements of your website using our staging tool. Make a clone of your website with a single click, work on it, then push the modifications live.

Online Backups

Backing up your data is crucial towards preventing data loss and minimizing downtime; our shared hosting plans include a free Server Rewind data backup support feature, enabling you to promptly reroute your site to another server in case of a crisis.

Server Management

Our hosting plans include full server management, which can include features such as 24/7 server monitoring, security, resource optimizations, malware scanning, and more.

Ensure Security

Your hosting account contains numerous premium security features including SSL certification, DDoS security, brute force protection, and more to keep your site secure.

1 Month Free Hosting

No need to spend money to enjoy our cost-free web hosting to show that we’re trustworthy.

About Business Hosting

What is Business Hosting?

Business hosting provides additional benefits as well as a standard package. It includes features not normally offered by other forms of hosting, such as unlimited storage and bandwidth, and a privileged IP address. Business hosting can be utilized by businesses of all sizes, from small firms to large organizations. We offer full management control at all times, but rest assured that you re not in this alone. This is why we d like you to have faith in our dedicated 24/7 Expert Help Team boasting a complete set of Support Solutions.